About Westside

about westside

Westside Film & Television is a dynamic development and production company located in Melbourne, Australia. We make quality family and adult material across all genres and formats.

Established in 1996, by creative head Ann Darrouzet Westside has worked with and is working with some of Australia’s finest creative talent including writers – Kris Mrksa (The Slap, The King, Devil’s Dust), Alix Lee (Homicide, Winners and Losers) and Natasha Pincus who made Gotye somebody we all know. Directors include Jeffrey Walker (Dance Academy: The Movie, Modern Family, Ali’s Wedding, Small Time Gangster), Pino Amenta (Packed to the Rafters, lead director) and Nicholas Verso (Nowhere Boys, Boys in the Trees, Hugo, Snake Tales, Conspiracy 365).

Westside principal and creative head is Ann Darrouzet.

Ann Darrouzet has created, executive produced and produced a raft of productions over the past two decades.

Selected credits include:

Conspiracy 365 (12 x 1 hour prime time TV series, 3 ½ hours multi-platform content, Producer)

Snake Tales (13 episode TV series Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Producer)

Storm Warning (Feature Film – Co-producer)

Holly’s Heroes (26 episode TV series Co-creator, Executive Producer, Producer).

True Love & Chaos (Feature Film – Producer)

Blabber Mouth & Stickybeak (TV drama – Producer)

Sparky D Comes To Town (TV drama – Producer)

Horace & Tina (26 episode TV series – Producer)

Me! Me! Me! & A.D.H.D. (Documentary – Producer)

RAW FM (13 episode TV series – Line Producer)

Thunderstone 1 (26 episode TV series – Line Producer)

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