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Westside Film & Television is a dynamic development and production company located in Melbourne, Australia. We make quality family and adult material across all genres and formats.

snakes tales

Set in a strange and possibly mystical place called Barren Barren, Snake Tales is a comedy about two teenage girls trying their best to grow up normal.

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holly’s heroes

Holly McKenzie, a 14 year old Kiwi whose family move for 12 months from Wellington New Zealand to the rural seaside town of Woolich in Australia.

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sparky d comes to town

DJ Sparky D is in town for one night only and Stretch is planning a wild night of dancing and drug crazed debauchery.

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blabber mouth & stickybeak

An adaptation of Morris Gleitzman novellas Blabber Mouth and Stickybeak. Produced by Double Exposure Ltd and Westside Films.

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true love & chaos

Set in the world of bars, motels and endless highways, True Love and Chaos is a gritty film about the need to love.

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