New – Holly’s Heros

holly’s heroes

Television Series
Producers: Ann Darrouzet, Jenni Tosi and Dave Gibson
Format: 26 x 1/2 hour

Holly’s Heroes is a 26 x half hour children’s television series. The central character in Holly’s Heroes is Holly McKenzie, a 14 year old Kiwi whose family move for 12 months from Wellington New Zealand to the rural seaside town of Woolich in Australia.

The series traces a year in the life of Holly, and celebrates the importance of friendship, belonging, and the rewards that come from participation and a simple love of sport. With basketball as a backdrop HOLLY’S HEROES is a funny and light-hearted exploration of being the new kid on the block.

The series explores “tween” issues of friendship, self-esteem, confidence, parental pressure, sibling rivalry, teamwork, identity as well as illuminating the ups and downs that come from being a member of a small community. The series was financed with the participation of Channel 9 and Nickelodeon Australia and TVNZ. Investors include Film Finance Corporation Australia, Film Victoria and NZ On Air.

A Westside Films/Day For Night Production with the Gibson Group.

International & Australian Sales Australian Children’s Television Foundation,

Roger Hodgman

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Jeffrey Walker
Pino Amenta

Dominique Crawford
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Greta Larkins
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